Ray Orrock

Anika’s grandfather, Ray Orrock, was a beloved syndicated newspaper columnist and favorite figure of the California Bay Area for over 35 years. “Everything but politics and religion”, his delightful columns are full of wit, warmth, sincerity, trivia, and a laugh-out-loud humor that stands the test of time. 

Ray passed away in 2008, but he lives on in his work! Ray’s wonderful wife, Marlene, cut out and saved nearly every column printed throughout Ray’s career. In her spare time, Anika has committed herself to digitally archiving and sharing Ray’s work for all to enjoy. It will take several years for all of the columns to be made available, but you can read hundreds of Ray’s delightful columns, starting from 1971, the year Ray began writing, here on the website.

Additionally, “The Best of Ray Orrock: Oblique Observations and Skewed Views From the East Bay’s Favorite Columnist”, a book containing 103 of Ray’s most popular and best-loved columns up until it was published in 1990, can be purchased here. All proceeds go toward archival supplies and Ray’s website maintenance.

A box of these books were recently uncovered and are the only remaining copies available; 203 pages (with professionally transcribed typos, to boot!) of utter delight! Whether you’re a fan of Ray’s or just learned who Ray Orrock is, this book is positively a wonderful treasure.